Our Family: Parmelee (left) and Anna (right) with their children


My mother always told me that female friendships are incredibly important. Unlike the relationship and bond between man and woman, they are, simply put, different. If you have women in your life on whom you lean, then you know exactly what I am talking about.

I met Parmelee our Freshman year of college, and I knew right away that I had acquired a friend for life. At the time, when we were 18 years old, I knew that I had 4 incredible years ahead of me surrounded by a tribe of wonderful women, with fun and laughter at the forefront mixed with some studying and an occasional broken heart. I could have no idea back then that Parmelee and I would (so many years later) become sisters-in-law (I married her brother, and she loved the idea from the very beginning); that we would each have 3 children who would become cousins and best friends; and that we would start a business together.

For me, there are nothing but pros working at Smockingbird: I am able to work with and learn from someone whom I deeply trust and respect (yes!! we still get along!!), all the while spending time with my best friend and family. Parmelee has a sense of humor and positive outlook that I wish she could patent and sell. She knows how to make me laugh out loud, especially during stressful times.

The sense of togetherness defines our relationship and the connection to our customers. Together we work to bring mothers what they want for their children, at the lowest possible price, without sacrificing quality. Together we connect with mothers, and seeing your children wear the clothes we make is a joyful reward that we reap together. Together we face new challenges and overcome obstacles.

And, we are ALL on the journey of Motherhood together.


I met Anna freshman year at Vanderbilt and was immediately drawn to her because of her outgoing and funny personality. She quickly became one of my best friends and we spent the next 4 years studying, traveling, laughing, and playing together. After graduation, we both moved to different cities but remained close friends. Several years later on a family trip to China, sparks flew between Anna and my brother. A few years later they were married, and my best friend was now my sister-in-law!

While pregnant with our first children, the excitement over adorable clothing took over our lives. We both had a love and appreciation for all the clothes our mothers and grandmothers had made for us; and we wanted to bring that same look to our children. But alas, the sewing and smocking genes were not inherited, and we were forced to go into fancy boutiques. We quickly realized the need for handmade, classic high-quality clothes that don’t break the bank. The idea for Smockingbird had been born!

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